Chinese Recipes

      Appetizers Recipes
      Beef Recipes
      Chicken Recipes
      Pork Recipes
      Rice/Noodle Recipes
      Sauces Recipes
      Seafood Recipes
      Soup Recipes
      Vegetarian Recipes

Appetizer Recipes
   Asian Honey Bbq Chicken Drummettes
   Crab Rangoon
   Crispy Won Tons With Oriental Dipping Sauce
   Egg Rolls
   Mini-spring Roll Recipe
   Shrimp Balls
   Shrimp Won-Ton
   Soft-wrapped Pork & Shrimp Rolls
   Spring Rolls
   Water Chestnut Appetizer

Beef Recipes
   Ants Climbing A Tree
   Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry
   Beef & Broccoli With Garlic Sauce
   Beef & Peanut Butter Stir Fry
   Beef & Peanut Stir Fry
   Beef & Vegetables Stir Fry
   Beef and Broccoli 1
   Beef And Peppers In Hoi-sin Sauce
   Beef Chop Suey
   Beef Kushisashi
   Beef Lo Mein
   Beef Peanut Stirfry
   Beef Stir-fry 1
   Beef Stir-fry With Tri-colored Peppers
   Beef With Broccoli
   Beef With Fresh Noodles
   Chinese Beef Dish
   Five Spice Beef And Pepper Stir-fry
   Fried Beef With Green Peppers
   Ginger Beef With Bok Choy
   Hot Sesame Beef
   Ma Po Doufu
   Mongolian Beef
   Moo Sate (beef Satay )
   Pepper Steak
   Rice Noodles With Beef In Black Bean Sauce
   Spicy Beef Stir-fry
   Spicy Beef With Potato
   Stir fried Beef With Broccoli & Ginger
   Szechwan Beef
   Teriyaki Finger Steaks

Chicken Recipes
   Almond Chicken
   Asparagus & Chicken In Black Bean Sauce
   Baked Sesame Chicken
   Bon Bon Juihan Banmian (hong Kong)
   Cashew Chicken
   Cashew Chicken 1
   Chicken And Beef Satay
   Chicken Chow Mein
   Chicken In Black Bean Sauce
   Chicken In Oyster Sauce
   Chicken With Water Chestnuts & Plum Sauce
   Chicken With Yellow Curry Sauce
   Chicken-Rice Stir Fry
   Duck With Mushrooms
   Egg Foo Yung
   Garlic Chicken
   General Chicken
   General Tso's Chicken
   General Tso's Chicken 1
   General Tso's Chicken 2
   Gingered Chicken & Vegetable Salad
   Gingered Chicken Stir-fry
   Gong Bao Chicken
   Green Chicken Curry
   Kara-age Chicken
   Kung Pao Chicken
   Mongolian Chicken
   Moo Goo Gai Pan
   Red Chicken Salad
   Sesame Chicken
   Stir Fried Chicken With Cashews
   Sweet & Sour Chicken
   Szechuan Chicken
   Teriyaki Chicken Tenders
   Teriyaki Chicken With Sesame Noodles
   Thai Chicken And Sesame Noodles

Pork Recipes
    Moo Shu Pork
    Oriental Meatballs ( Pearls )
   Barbecued Baby Back Ribs
   Barbecued Lamb On Skewers
   Barbecued Pork (cha Siu)
   Chinese Spare Ribs
   Crispy Prk Dumplings
   Egg Fu Yung (Pork)
   Fried Rice & Pork
   Hoisin Pork With Garlic Noodles
   Moo Shu Pork 2
   Noodle & Pork Stirfry
   Noodles With Spicy Pork
   Pork & Crab Meatballs
   Pork Fried With Ginger And Mushrooms
   Pork lo mein
   Pork Lo Mein 8
   Pork with Green Beans and Mushrooms
   Pork with Mushrooms & Garlic
   Sour & Spicy Pork
   Spicy Sichuan Pork
   Stir Fried Pork & Peppers
   Sweet And Sour Pork Stir-fry

Seafood Recipes
   Chiles Stuffed With Fish Paste
   Clams In Black Bean Sauce
   Coconut Fried Shrimp
   Crab Egg Foo Yung
   Crab Parcels
   Crisp Sesame Shrimp
   Crispy Seaweed
   Crispy Wrapped Shrimp
   Egg Fu Yung (shrimp)
   Fish Curry
   Fish Curry With Rice Noodles
   Fish In Coconut
   Five-willow Fish
   Foo Yung Hai
   Fried Fish With Pine Nuts
   Kung Pao Shrimp
   Mixed Seafood Curry
   Monkfish Stir Fry
   Monkfish With Lime & Chile Sauce
   Oriental Sesame Salmon
   Pad Thai
   Rice With Seafood & Squid
   Scallops In Black Bean Sauce
   Shrimp Fu Yung
   Shrimp Toasts
   Shrimp With Scallions & Straw Mushrooms
   Somen Noodles With Shrimp
   Spicy Scallops With Lime & Chile
   Spicy Thai Seafood Stew
   Squid & Red Bell Peppers
   Steamed Fish With Black Beans
   Stir Fried Scallops With Asparagus
   Stir-fried Fresh Crab With Ginger
   Stir-fried Squid With Hot Black Bean Sauce
   Udon Noodle Stir-fry With Fish Cake And Ginger
   Wok-fried Jumbo Shrimp In Spicy Sauce
   Yaki Soba

Noodle/Rice Recipes
   Beef Chow Mein
   Chicken And Cold Noodles With Spicy Sauce
   Chicken Rice
   Chinese Chicken Fried Rice
   Chinese Cold Pasta Salad
   Chinese Fried Rice
   Chinese Noodle Chicken
   Chinese Style Fried Rice
   Cold Szechuan Noodles And Shredded Vegetables
   Dan Dan Noodles Mian
   Egg Fu Yung 2
   Egg-fried Rice
   Egg-fried Rice With Chicken
   Egg-fried Rice With Vegetables & Crispy Onions
   Fried Rice With Pork & Shrimp
   Noodle Baskets With Chicken Lime Salad
   Peanut Thai Noodle Salad
   Shrimp With Coconut Rice
   Singapore Noodles

Vegetarian Recipes
   Asparagus With Cashews
   Bean Sauce With Tofu
   Broccoli In Oyster Sauce
   Crisp-fried Tofu And Greens
   Egg Fu Yung
   Fried Lettuce
   Fried Spinach
   Gingered Fruit
   Mushroom With Tofu (satay Style)
   Stuffed Mushrooms
   Sweet & Sour Tofu
   Szechuan-style Stir Fry (meatless)
   Tofu In Black Bean Sauce
   Vegetable Packages
   Vegetarian Spring Rolls
   Vegetarian Won-ton Soup
   Vegetarian Won-tons

Soup Recipes
    Duck With Scallion Soup
    Mushroom & Noodle Soup
   Asparagus & Sesame Chicken Soup
   Bird's Nest Soup
   Chicken Noodle Soup
   Corn & Crab Soup
   Egg Drop Soup
   Mixed Vegetable Soup
   Raindrop Soup
   Rice Noodles With Bean Curd Soup
   Spicy Thai Soup With Shrimp
   Thai Style Seafood Soup
   Tomato Soup With Egg Flower
   Vegetable & Noodle Soup
   Watermelon Soup
   Wonton Soup

Sauce Recipes
   Asian Marinade (for Fish)
   Basic Chinese Sauces
   Basic Stir Fry Sauce
   Bbq Sauce For Pork
   Black Bean Sauce
   Black Bean Sauce 1
   Chinese Barbrcue Sauce
   Chinese Plum Sauce
   Easy Stir-fry Sauce And Meat Marinade
   Hoisin Steak Sauce
   Peanut Sauce
   Peanut Sauce - Chinese-style
   Sweet & Sour Sauce
   Sweet & Sour Sauce 1
   Sweet And Sour Sauce
   Szechuan Stir Fry Sauce
   Teriyaki Sauce
   Teriyaki Sauce 1
   Teriyaki Sauce 2
   Worcesteshire-lemon Sauce

Dessert Recipes
   Almond Cookies
   Almond Fried Ice Cream
   Almond Lake With Mandarin Oranges
   Baked Nian Gao - Chinese New Year Cake
   Chinese Almond Cakes
   Chinese Almond Cakes 1
   Chinese Fortune Cookies Recipe
   Mandarin Almond Cream
   Mandarin Orange Pudding
   Toffe Apples